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Why Choose Can-Fit-Pro?

canfitpro Canada's Leader in Education for all fitness professionals

A canfitpro Certified Fitness Professional demonstrates commitment to the fitness industry and shows a high standard of competency and ability.

As a leader in the future of Canadian fitness, a canfitpro Certified Fitness Professional
provides a reliable source of fitness knowledge and safe, effective exercise for all levels of exercisers.

Achieving this standard of excellence makes a canfitpro Certified Fitness Professional competitive and in high demand for employment across the country.

 Continuous training shows a dedication to self-improvement and a commitment to providing motivation and information for all participants.  Known for quality and enthusiasm, a canfitpro Certified Fitness Professional establishes a benchmark for excellence and education in the fitness industry.  Taught by canfitpro team of PRO Trainers

(professional trainers) across Canada, canfitpro is the industry leader in affordable, attainable, and high-quality fitness certification.  Recognized across Canada and around the world,  you too

can be a part of Canada's largest organization of fitness professionals. 

Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification Course/Exam 25 hours dates and more.  Next course/exam

 AM SEEKING ASSOCIATE PRO TRAINERS for the region of Thunder Bay if interested please call me 807-577-9620 or email

Join Canada's largest fitness certification organization and help fitness grow in Canada!
canfitpro is looking for highly qualified candidates to help us deliver our excellent certification programs. We are currently seeking PRO Trainers who are eligible to teach our programs across Canada in the following designations:

Associates PRO TRAINER I am looking for certifications available:

Nutrition & Wellness Specialist (NWS) Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist (PFS) Older Adult Fitness Specialist (OAS)  Professional education experience the best.

More information about the opportunity to become part of canfitpro's network of education providers can be found by clicking here

Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) Virtual Courses/Exams

Call Anne Parr PRO Trainer FIS 807-630-9528  for Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification Course/Exam

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Share your experience with others.  Enjoy the moment of active living.  Thanks to all who take the time to continue to educate, motivate yourself to be active & involved communicating with each other.


Ready to take on the challenge as a PRO Trainer? 

I can assist you to reach your dreams contact canfitpro

 If you are interested in Continued Education 

I will do my best to bring in professionals in the area work with facilities. What topics you are looking for?


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member of Facebook, join the Can-Fit-Pro group by performing a search for

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Why did we create this group?  To provide you with an opportunity to communicate

with each other about things related to fitness and Can-Fit-Pro.  Do you have tips to

share about the certification process or ideas about getting the most from a conference? 

Now you can create a discussion or post a comment.  We would like to see as many of

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CPR For Certified Fitness Professionals

As a fitness professional, it is necessary to know how to properly and effectively perform

CPR in any emergency; whether you are personal training or teaching group fitness.

canfitpro CPR courses are designed to provide increased opportunity, ongoing knowledge, and personal enrichment to our members. The CPR courses are taught by a team of qualified PRO Trainers across Canada, making them accessible.

CPR courses were developed in accordance with recommendations from

CPR re-certification courses demonstrate our commitment to continuous training and added service to our certified members who require CPR for their professional certification maintenance.

Let canfitpro be your one-stop shop from obtaining a fitness professional certification to getting ongoing education which allows you to maintain your certification.

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