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Please note:  Thunder Bay 55 Plus 2021

Date: Sept 15 - Dec. 1st 

Day: Wednesday
Time: 12:30 - 1:30 pm 

 OUTDOOR CLASSES - will begin Thunder Bay 55 Plus

Sept 28 - Marina Park, Oct. 

Pole Walking - Metabolic Training Fall Program Sept. 15th 2021         

Watch for the KEY to register Note: space is limited.       

Connie Shares: "I found a nice walking spot for us, it’s flat but good starter If you head towards mission marsh, it will be on the right hand side before you get to pacific avenue. There is a parking lot, I think it is where Blake’s plant trees, but you can go in two directions, one out to Lake Superior and the other along the Neebing River. I have seen people parked and walking there. It’s just an idea. It’s wide open with side walks"


Every Wednesday 12:30 - 1:30 pm      

Course Description:  We will be learning how to use walking poles, with proper techniques,  Specific Warm-ups for pole walking,   Learn to train heart - how to progress regardless of level, training to your metabolic rate, always include, cool down and proper stretching.

We will go to a variety of places and discuss as a group each to form the best plan.

Note: some modifications will be address to ensure all comfortable with where we will be going each week.

The walks will be progressive with proper technique and form always looked at.  Working in pairs or small groups for safety. As confidence increases will work on challenges to increase speed, time with perfect form and distance. 

Open to all interested in a walking program that makes a difference, has a social aspect for FUN and Safe

Will cover the introduction to walking poles, proper height for each individual, warm-ups & cool downs, proper techniques for both feet legs and arms.  How to elevate heart to your metabolic rate.  This will help decreasing fats, increasing cardiovascular & muscular strength and endurance safely.  
Will go out side for the pole walking discovering new walking trails around the centre and city.  Dress for the weather.  Improves upper body strength & increased heart rate.  

 FTF Level – C

• Improve your walking endurance as you discover new walking trails

Thunder Bay 55 + 

Refund policy If you are ever asked about a refund for withdrawing from your classes, here is our policy for your information. We ask that participants please speak to the office staff or call the Centre (684-3066) before the beginning of the THIRD class to receive a full refund. Refunds for medical reasons only will be granted after the second class and will be pro-rated. Full Refund (will only be issued for the following reasons): If a participant is withdrawing before the first 2 classes; or if the class has to be cancelled; then a full refund will be issued using the original method of payment. If registration was paid for using a credit card, a refund will be issued back to the same credit card and can take up to 2 weeks to process. If a registration was paid for using cash, cheque or debit, the refund will be in the form of a cheque from the City of Thunder Bay and it can take approximately 2-3 weeks to process.  NO refunds will be issued if the withdrawal brings the number of people in the class below the minimum number needed to run the class.  NO refunds will be issued for Punch Cards that have been used. They are good for 1 full year from time of issue. Thank you

Two Thunder Bay forestry students develop hiking app

This class will assist the two developers in creating more path for the app.  

Benefits of using poles great website for hiking, walking balance and mobility   Nordic Walking

Learn the basics:



Foot posture & stride

Proper pole height (centre has each will be set up name one poles so will always be ready for you.

- proper body alignment & techniques 

- heart rate

- setting goals

Cool downs & stretching 

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