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How to prepare YOUR canfitpro  FIS Course.

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High light areas you are unsure of.

How to prepare for FIS Theory Exam 

How to prepare for your FIS Practical exam

                                                             ANATOMY STUDY PREPARATION  

Free resource for professional coaches, fitness trainers & enthusiasts (Exercise Prescription on the Net)   

Skeletal Anatomy    Anatomy Quiz 

Muscular quiz

Muscle Anatomy Quiz (

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Take time to read the summary at the end of each chapter.  Practice writing short answers.


Practical Ideas to successfully complete
FIS Certification

Inspired classes to enhance your Practical Preparation:
Traditionally Inspired
Step Inspired              
Martial Arts Inspired                    
Dance Inspired
BootCamp Inspired 

Each Year Need 4 CEC's to stay Certified canfitpro QUIZZES  Or Want a Spectacular Experience  GLOBAL CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW!

Part of your canfitpro FIS package - downloads to get you started.  

Instructors, gyms, clubs, fitness companies and all others who are looking for group fitness music for virtual fitness classes – per livestream or video-on-demand - or any other video projects got the right license by us. Simple and uncomplicated.

For over 12 years, MOVE YA! has been producing high-quality fitness mixes in cooperation with DJs, composers and fitness experts. Perfectly customized to the requirements of movement and motivation.

Our in-house publisher has a versatile and constantly growing high quality royalty-free music catalogue of single tracks and countless pre-mixed albums (soundtracks).

All titles are 100% exclusive and copyrighted. Our user license and royalty free-exemption guarantee a legally secure use without additional fees to collecting societies or authors (publishers).

Officially licensed music for all your classes online & in person New OFFER for You!


Great music easy to use.

1-800-77-BEAT (2338)

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Free downloads, 

Writeable PAR-Q participants can download fill-in online copy to their computer and send to you.  Remember need to be reviewed & signed each year.  

The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+)

The health benefits of regular physical activity are clear; more people should engage in physical activity every day of the week. Participating in physically active is very safe for MOST people. However, some should check with their doctor, another health care practitioner who is licensed to diagnose, or a qualified exercise professional before they start becoming much more physically active. This questionnaire will tell you whether it is necessary for you to seek further advice before becoming more physically active or engaging in a fitness appraisal.

Please click on the following link to get access to the online application that contains the latest consensus panel approved online Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+). This application will open up in a new window and will update every time you click this link.

The Modified BORG or RPE scale can be used for patients to rate how strenuously they feel they are exercising. The RPE refers to the total amount of exertion or fatigue a patient is feeling, not just a single factor like leg pain or shortness of breath. 

value     description                              example 

 0          -nothing At rest         – there is no feeling of fatigue 
 0.5       -Very, very light         - Working at a desk,  - reading, watching                                                         TV - physically at rest                               1          -Very light                   -Getting dressed  – little or no fatigue 
   2        -Fairly moderate        -Feeling you might get while  slowly                                                               walking across the yard 
   3        -Moderate                  -Comfortable, but slightly elevated                                                                  breathing. You  should be able to talk                                                           while walking 
  4         -Somewhat hard        -Walking briskly. Breathing is deeper                                                              and slight feeling of fatigue 
  5         -Hard                          -Rushing. General fatigue but able to                                                              maintain  this level. Breathing is 
                                                     somewhat deep 
  7        - Very hard                  -Vigorous exercise. Definite feeling of                                                              fatigue and breathing hard 
  8         -Vigorous exercise.     -Feeling of fatigue and breathing                                                                      hard. Difficult to maintain. 
  9         -Very, very hard            -Extremely vigorous exercise. Very                                                                definite feeling of fatigue and labored                                                          breathing. Could you  sustain exercise                                                         at this level for a long time.
 10         -Maximal                    -All out exercise/exhaustion .

Exercise Data Base

How to Train the External Hip Rotators for Performance and Injury Prevention

Human Kinetics Fitness   - Great book resources to add to your reference library My Favourates   

HumanKinetics (Human Kinetics, information leader in physical activity and  Education, various resources, including Can-Fit-Pro on-line continuing education credits) 1-800-465-7301   

Online - Resource 

Study Guides Instructor Resources 


American Sport Education Program Free Resources....

My favourate sites to assist in presenting creative awesome classes.

DAREBEE Easy to follow 1700+ workout posters,ideas for great workouts and much more. Manual

-Pockets Workouts by DAREBEE   

-Beginner Ten Minute workouts  Apps for your mobile device

-Create Your own Ebook


FAT BURNING Workouts. What they are and why they work? Helping you choose variations  that are proven to work.

How to train your Body Type?  Doing it right the 1st time.


The Elite Trainer "Strength Training for the Serious Professional by John Paul Catanzaro       

Preventing soreness with concentric / eccentric contractions in weight training  EliteTrainer Blast out loud Strength Training for Professionals

How To Achieve 20 Chin-Ups     

Sticks, Stones & Pink Dumbbells May Break Your Bones    

Everything You Need To Know About Supersets And More 

(Part 1)  (Part 2)

Circuit training with lots of variety and great results

Now Hiring!

SweatierForTheBetter Programs

In-Shelter Health & Fitness Program 

Scholarship and Employment Program

Powerful Words           

 "A good program performed poorly is worthless." 

– Alwyn Cosgrove


Other organization: to get involved in-

(Red Cross, CPR training)      

(St. John?s Ambulance, CPR training)

 (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 

CPR training & other resources)

More information

(Jumpy Bumpy, choreography  , music, fitness products)

Exercise Data Base Shape Magazine HIIT Workout

Understanding cardiovascular training zone            CALCULATING HEART RATE 

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Guide for Structural Integration                Erin May

Erin May is a Certified Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner and Certified Structural Awareness Movement Teacher.  She graduated from The Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder,Colorado in 1994. She returned to Thunder Bay to open The Bodymind Centre, a complimentary health care facility.  Erin has completed her 500+ hour Yoga Teacher Certification with the Ester Myer's Studio in Toronto, ON.  She completed her Advanced Structural Integration Training in Kauai in 2002.  She is a member of the Guild for Structural Integration and The International Association for Structural Integrators.

About structural integration

Oliver Riemer Practitioner 

          Thunder Bay

Feldenkrais Method

Awareness through Movement

Beginners lesson