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FIT FOR LIFE 55 +  2020

      Cancellations of large gatherings. Due to Coronavirus Began March 16  2020

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Fit For Life 55 + 


PLACE: Your home, Your place!

PAR-Q sheet

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This advanced senior class continues all year round.  Meeting your needs through corrective posture awareness, breathing techniques, core strengthening, and balance challenge with functional exercises.  Learn a variety of structural integrated exercises to strength all the small muscles around the joints where weakness begins.  The class is a complete workout with warm up, cardiovascular, muscular strength and endurance, cool down and relaxation.  Running shoes recommended.  Core stabilizing equipment is used (Stability Ball, BOSU, TRX, Pilate weighted balls, dyna bands, foam rollers and more) to assist your progression for maximizing results.   Be ready for lots of variety, FUN, laughter on top of a great workout helping you stay functionally strong each date.  We don't get older.  We get Better!

Meeting your needs top priority fill out a survey so I can help you grow in wellness and health


Kicking up a Storm

POLICIES:  Class is a DROP IN Pass Senior Rate must be 55 years or older.  Fill in PARQ Form informing Anne of any injuries, medications and take responsibility for yourself while participating in the class.  You will always be given options for your safety,  Do not compete with others, work at your pace and have FUN.  If you choose to cancel due to illness or injury please let Anne know immediately.  Refund will be made with the remain number left, can be transferred to another member or friend upon communicating with Anne.  Passes are good until complete 20 classes.

Take a survey   http://www.adultfitnesstaxcredit.ca/

                                                Professional Disclaimer Waiver

I the undersigned, understand that all exercise has risk.  I know the importance of consulting a physician prior to beginning any physical active program.  I recognize it is my responsibility to notify Anne Parr of any serious illness or injury before I begin.  I will not perform any posture to the extent of strain or pain and will work at my ability as guided with many options for my safety.

Join for FREE:  Are you 55 + there is a group called FAB GROUP is a great group for all  55 + to  80 + years  

"The FUN ACTIVE BABES are a group of volunteers who have been together since August 2011, with a grant from CAAWS to present recreation samplers for women 55 to 70+.  They have a website, created by students from the Confederation College Multimedia program and I am a one of the FAB programs offered .  Contact Thunder Bay 55 + for more information.   Share on Facebook

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