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ERgonomic Fitness


Everyone welcome . 

Days & Times: Tuesday & Thursday 12:05 - 12:50

Place: Bodymind Centre #8 :- 105 Villa St.    

Class runs all year long

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Ergonomic yoga is a 45 minute yoga class 

- part of a unique experience for workers and anyone who has to deal with stress & or daily pain.

Learn valuable skills, techniques, loosen tight muscles, joints & tendon, release shoulder and neck pain.  Become balanced, stay injury free and highly productive throughout your day. 

* (running late or have to leave early to get back to work all good)

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Pay before or after class, cheque, cash or direct transfer.


Grab a Power Week Pass for $25 

Enjoy unlimited classes !    Bodymind Centre

 Bodymind Centre member join this class Free. 

I designed ERGoYoga myself in 1992 when I had Fitness in the Workplace at the Ontario Government Building “Harbourview Fitness Programs” Workers has many injuries from repetitive movement specific to their jobs 

- injuries include frozen shoulders, sciatic pain, neck, lower to upper back pain, carpal tunnel and so much more.

I designed the class using Hatha Yoga, structural integration, Ergonomic stretches, Feldenkrais and healing yoga.  

A fusion of all techniques by breaking down each pose-stretch with breath to accommodate all levels for safety with progression to heal.

My teaching comes from many resources, courses. books, manuals, experts in the field who I have learned from.  (Diana Milligan, Paull Chek, Peter Twist, Dr Ken Kinakin & more)

Having grown up with many injuries through playing climbing fences, trees, buildings & falling, gymnastics, skiing downhill, tobogganing, tubing, swimming, cycling and being short to mention a few.

Often found going to professional’s chiropractors, physio-therapist the injuries did not heal.  May have been fixed through adjustment but not healed.  I learned to do find the resources that work best for me - Books - Sports Message 1980 - looked at every sport and what where the repetitive moves where, what was effected & how to fix, balance and proper stretching "Stretch & Strengthen" by Judy Alter 1980 or earlier.

These played a key roll in healing. Doing specific balanced exercises 3x - 3x day for 3 - 6 months continue on regular basis most days at least once a day forever. 

Important stay active, listen to your body sounds and how you feel, incorporate stretching for areas of the body when you feel the need & use conscious breath