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 Senior Specialist       

My role as a Fitness Instructor Specialist has evolved far beyond being a basic "aerobic Instructor". As a group exercise expert, you will assist club members in a fun and motivating setting. A qualified Fitness Instructor Specialist can lead groups in various formats of new cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength and endurance training, stretching and relaxation, or a calming cool-down. A canfitpro certified FIS is knowledgeable about different types of music, understands how to use music in a group setting, keeps current on the latest fitness trends and is able to give generalized advice about healthy living. 

NOW! VIRTUAL Classes another way to be there for your clients.


canfitpro provides a variety of learning opportunities including virtual and in-person 25-hour courses with a PRO TRAINER. Get started as soon as you purchase your certification package with the FIS self-directed education. Choose to fast-track your learning with the FIS course, facilitated by an expert PRO TRAINER. All certification packages come with a comprehensive manual to further develop your knowledge.

The more you prepare for your certification, the faster you’ll find success. canfitpro will get you there.

Please register 4 - 3 weeks in advance to be ready for this course.

You will receive a manual, online learning, music, much more...    

One month after the course there is a 2 1/2 hour theory exam, once completed you have 6 months to complete your Practical.

PRO TRAINER Anne Marie Parr 

807-630-9528 cell

Course / Exams Virtually does not matter where you are.

Looking for a course contact me I will design a course to meet your needs, best days & times also have special offer if interested and sign up Soon.  Contact me 

Virtual FIS Course/Exam:
  • - Oct 21, 22, 7:00 - 11:00 pm - 23, 24th 8:00 am - 5:00 pm ID: 106710
  • Theory Exam: 27th 1:00 pm ID:  106711

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Please Read - Return Policies

Here are our course/exam change policies:

  • To make a change we require a minimum of five (5) days written notice via email at
  • An administration fee of 15% (+ applicable tax) of the total course and/or exam fee (excluding canfitpro membership and all course materials) will be charged
  • If it is less than five (5) days’ notice you are not eligible to change your course or exam date
  • Changes made more than 60 days in advance of the course or exam will not be charged an administration fee

PRO TRAINER Delivered Learning                            (I CAN GIVE YOU A 20% Discount when Register before Sept 30th, 2021 CODE: PROTAP)
Best option for learning and career success! Includes: Course Manual (print), 
PRO TRAINER led interactive course, Theory Exam, and Practical Exam       
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Self-Directed Learning
(Exam Challenge Includes: Course Manual (print), Theory & Practical Exam NOTE: does NOT include a course led by a PRO TRAINER. 
This independent learning option is suited for students with previous experience and/or education in fitness and health.
FEES                         $354                                  $454                                                  $452**                                    $552

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If interested contact me we can set a day & time that works for you.   Email me your interest

Find easy access to Courses, 

Theory & Practical Exam

canfitpro is very excited to be offering the long-awaited Study Preparation for our Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification to help our future instructors. While your course manual has plenty of review questions, this online program provides additional study resources to help you study the materials necessary to pass the exams and become a successful group fitness instructor. 

Once you've gone through your course manual, we recommend that you use these modules before your live course to test and build your understanding of the theoretical concepts so that you can actively engage in your live course with your PRO TRAINER. We strongly encourage you to write down any questions you have during your studies and ask them in the live course. This practice ensures you have the ability to focus on where you need the most help while refreshing what you have already taught yourself. 

We also recommend that you complete the remainder of the modules again after attending your live course as a tool to test your knowledge and direct your studying so that you are able to walk into your written and practical exams with confidence. It is not a replacement for attending your course as your PRO TRAINER covers much more in class. 

The course is divided into eleven modules – one for each chapter. Each module contains content, review questions, activities, and resources to guide your learning. You can navigate through the course using the navigation bar at the top of the page, or using the menu along the left side.
Best Practices for Success
  1. Follow the course preparation study resources.
    One of the best ways to focus your studies is to base your learning around the theory exam. Reviewing the modules not only reveals which subject areas the theory exam focuses on, but also how the exam is structured. Not everything you need to know as a fitness professional is contained in the modules, but if you gear your studying towards the exams you will feel more confident walking into it.

  2. Give yourself enough time to study before taking the theory exam. 
    To improve your chance for successful certification, we recommend you attempt the written exam three to four weeks after taking the Fitness Instructor Specialist course with your PRO TRAINER. This time frame is designed to help you synthesize the course information while it is still at the top of your mind.

  3. Study a little every day.
    You cannot cram a week’s worth of study into a few hours on the weekend. Commit to spending a little time on your FIS studies every day, even if you have to break it into several smaller increments. You will feel less overwhelmed and retain more information.  

  4. Focus on the material covered in class.
    Your PRO TRAINER will direct you during the course to which chapters are self-learning and which concepts need to be thoroughly understood. Instead of carefully reading and outlining every single word, spend more time on the concepts recommended. Take notes in the course to refer back to while studying. 

Do you have a team of Fitness, Dance, Martial Arts, Beach Body Instructors interested in getting certified Professionally?   Want to build a professional team that are knowledgeable - increase your Credibility - truly Qualified.


I will run a course (Virtual) or at your facility.  canfitpro Business Membership  can improve your business 

Contact Anne Parr PRO TRAINER 807-577-9620 Text cell 807-630-9528

Train for excellence. Once certified demonstrate that you are a qualified fitness professional and provide yourself with amazing opportunities to improve your credentials, create a new career path and achieve your professional goals.  " Educate, Communicate & Motivate "

Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification Courses & Exams

Founded in 1993, the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals works as a voice for all Canadian fitness professionals.  United as members, canfitpro takes today's fitness challenges and creates tomorrow's solutions through increasing opportunity, ongoing relative knowledge and personal enrichment.

Who is canfitpro?   We assist all fitness practitioners in their diverse roles to help them educate communicate and motivate Canadians towards an active and enhanced lifestyle.   What ever certification you have our conferences have the professionals workshops to get your credits for your certification.

canfitpro Certification Website; 

Join Canada's largest fitness certification organization and help fitness grow in Canada!  canfitpro is looking for highly qualified candidates to help us deliver our excellent certification programs. We are currently seeking PRO Trainers who are eligible to teach our programs across Canada in the following designations:

Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS)
Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS)
Nutrition & Wellness Specialist
Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist (PFS)
Older Adult Fitness Specialist (OAS)
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Consumer Fitness

Are you looking to get your whole team certified give me a call will set best days and times specific for you Studio, Team etc. prepare for your candidates to learn Virtual as well for when we can move back to our group fitness classes live.  Gives you options to quickly move into virtual and back or combination of both.  Our New Reality. 

If you are interested please contact me  


Inspire healthy living through fitness education.


To help lead canfitpro in its vision- we aspire to deliver accessible learning experiences to a global audience, making fitness and mental health a part of personal wellness for everyone


United as members, canfitpro delivers the world's best, accessible, affordable, and attainable fitness education and experiences.

May 31, 2021 ·  FREE Fitness membership and discounted membership for friends and family Group benefits plan designed to meet employees’ basic and life-changing benefits needs

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Become one of Canada's Professional Fitness Trainer Choose to be the BEST

Making Wellness and Health a Life Time Experience one person at a time David Patch Evans

canfitpro (a division of Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc.) was founded in 1993 as a voice for all fitness professionals.

We are world leaders in the combined certification and continuing education of group fitness instructors, personal fitness trainers and allied health professionals.    We recognize that our members often play many different roles- the club owner may be a fitness instructor, the personal trainer is often a sales associate, the club manager is inevitably part of the service team. Our goal is to meet the needs of all fitness professionals.   

canfitpro provides the following services:   

  •  Educational conferences throughout the year 
  •  Certification courses, exams and resources 
  • Bi-monthly magazine for our members 
  • Shopping opportunities at our trade shows across the country 
  • Job postings network for club owners, managers and program directors 
  • Discounted liability insurance program 
  • Continuously updated website 
  • Networking opportunities for all fitness professionals   

Due to COVID-19 and a lack of CPR courses available across Canada – canfitpro is temporarily removing the CPR requirement of certification.

canfitpro will continue to provide CPR courses.  

CPR will remain a requirement of certification and recertification in the future.

I am seeking experienced Group Fitness Instructors ready to move forward to become  PRO TRAINER Associaste with me for Thunder Bay Region..

For more information please contact Anne Parr canfitpro PRO Trainer FIS

Certification Workshops in Thunder Bay and surrounding area.......TBA 

Anne Parr PRO Trainer - 20 years & teaching 39 years training all ages, abilities, land & water. 

Plus and additional 10 years (1966 - 76) teaching Swim lessons for Red Cross and Royal Life Saving and examiner to Bronze Cross, Award of Merit.  

Recreation Leader - Child Care Working and Principal of private school children with special needs, after care worker and research assistant. 

Theory Exam: If you have taken the course unable to complete the exam?  Now is an opportuny to challenge the exam email me for details. 

The knowledge contained in these extensive certifications will be invaluable as you advance your career in the fitness industry. 

 Let me know if you want a course in your facility.  Can assist in you getting this to happen.  

Have someone on your team who is interested in taking the FIS course you can send free through Business Member registrations must be submitted 2-3 weeks in advance of the course to

We are Best highly qualified professional.  
Canadians making a difference by bringing wellness, health and Active living to all Canadians for better quality of life.   canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist ensures qualified, credible, knowledgeable of anatomy, physiology, bio-energetics many teaching formulas, musicality, options for all levels of fitness and abilities, lots of resources and much more.  Staying on top of what's new in the industry.  Move from Province to Province & internationally.   
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