Anne  Parr  PRO TRAINER   Fitness  Instructor  Specialist     

 Senior Specialist       

Thunder Bay 55 Plus   BENDER BALL 

We are asked to not come more than 5 minutes early for any registered programs and/or drop in activities. Congregating outside the room(s) is not permitted at this time. Please ensure that you follow COVID safety protocols to keep everyone safe. We do require that you maintain your attendance sheet up to date at each class for COVID contact tracing requirements. 

Date: Sept. 16th - Dec. 9th NOTE: No class Sept. 30th, 2021

Day: Thursday

NEW Time: Thursday 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Begin in chair this low impact class uses a small soft ball that does it all.  Bender Balls are highly effective for strengthening your core muscles, relaxing tight muscles, increasing range of motion, improving  your posture and body awareness and agility.