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AquaFit Registration

In order to help us manage the capacity of the classes right now, we are no longer offering class passes that are not specific to certain dates. You will now need to register for specific days of the week, or do drop-in.

Registration packages available include the following - you are welcome to mix and match the single day packages as you please!
  • All Classes (M/W/F) - $306 + tax (valued at $9/class)
  • Mondays Only - $110 + tax (Valued at $10/class)
  • Wednsdays Only - $110 + tax (Valued at $10/class)
  • Fridays Only - $110 + tax (Valued at $10/class)
Please call or email the front desk to set up an appointment to register for classes, get your locker sorted, and your parking sorted!                Our phone number is 343-8585, and our 

Drop In Passes
For those who don't want to commit to coming regularly, drop-in spots will be available depending on registration numbers. To book a drop in spot, please call the Athletics Front Desk at 343-8585, or email Drop in spots will open 3 days in advance of class (e.g. Monday class bookings will open up on Friday). The price for drop-in classes is $12/class. 

Please note that in order to attend any aquabics class, you must be fully vaccinated and also complete a daily self assessment prior to entering the facility. 
  • For your proof of vaccine, you can either bring with you your receipt from your 2nd dose, you can complete the Lakehead University Vaccine Passport online and print the approval screen, or you can complete the3 vaccine passport through the Lakehead Mobile Safety App
  • For the COVID-19 daily self assessment, please either complete it through the Lakehead Mobile Safety App (available on iPhone and Android), or complete it online and print your results.  

LU AquaFit  Began Oct. 4th - Dec. 22, 2021

3 times to choose from  8:45 am 9:00 am & 9:15 am

Contact: Anne Parr 807-630-9528    call or texted thank you.

Water exercise Benefits:

  • modality 
  • safe non impact little - no gravity based controlled
  • effective improves daily functions. 
  • increases faster recovery from running or over use from training 
  • no sweat workout
  • buoyant-resistive environment
  • range of motion enhanced 
  • falling is minimized.  
  • Circulation enhanced 

Why Water & What to Expect

Complete workout all components -warm-up cardio - metabolic -strength / resistance training, cool down with dynamic stretching 

  • opening up joints, releasing tension in muscles ,breath work and more.  
  • Work at your own pace and intensity options for all in every class.  
  • Experience a workout better than using weight training, high cardiovascular - low impact.  Increase cardiovascular abilities, muscular endurance and strength, flexibility and much much more.  
  • Work this into your schedule for the best workout you can experience.  
Safe for those with arthritis, recovering from injuries, cancer, heart,  joint 

Why Aquatics is important?

  • Heals the Body Mind and Spirit
  • Impact is less on injured knees, back, arthritis and much more.
  • Balanced workout all muscles are work together providing a complete workout cardiovascular, muscular endurance and strength.
  • Flexibility of all joints
  • Like Yoga messages all organs for better healing and conditioning.


Information from Aquatic Fitness & Therapy

  • Water buoyancy helps to protect recuperating knees, ankles and hips.
  • Great for overweight individuals looking for exercise, but unable to walk far enough out of the water to effectively burn calories.
  • Aquatic exercise reduces pain and increases flexibility.
  • Water supports and massages the body as you exercise.
  • All of the benefits of land exercise-without the sweat.
  • Reduced blood pressure, stress and risk of injury.
  • Often recommended following surgery to minimize postoperative swelling
  • Burn more calories during and after exercise.
  • More Fun!!

Who Benefits? Everyone Who Tries It! 
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