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Aqua Therapy                           Anne Parr Canfitpro PRO TRAINER Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist

Purpose: to learn the importance of water exercise for therapy, in a recreational setting, for all ages and abilities. Learn safe progressive resistance training, for special needs population from the injured Athlete to chronic disease, pre-post natal, and healthy recreational clients.   Information can be used in a group or one on one session.   All will gain an understanding of Aqua Therapy benefit in a recreation setting. 


Healing properties of water and terminology:


  • Buoyancy – allows for ease of movement - reduction of gravity cushions body,  joints
  • Resistance –1000 x denser than air
  • Turbulence – brings on an unstable environment forcing core muscles to become stronger to help 

      maintain correct position and posture. 

  • Hydrostatic pressure – all parts of the body have equal pressure more intense in deeper water
  • Thermal conductivity – if warm enough increases elasticity of muscles & range of motion
  • Cooling Effects - when working hard cools the body without feeling you are sweating depending on

      the purpose of your workout water temperatures may be different from an training athlete to a

      chronic patient wanting to improve all body functions.       


Benefits of Water Exercise:                            Facts:

                                  Target Heart Rate LAND > WATER

To calculate the target heart rate zone in water we utilize an aquafitness compromise formula.  Using information about target heart rate during land exercise and swimming.

  • Target heart rate for land exercise aerobics:

          (220 - age) x 65% = lower limit

          (220 - age) x 85% = upper limit

  • Target heart rate for swimmers: (horizontal position)

          (207 - age) x 65% = lower limit

          (207 - age) x 85% = upper limit

  • Aquafitness Compromise:

          (220 + 207) % 2 = 213.5 (maximum heart rate)

  • Target Heart rate fpr aquafitness participants:

          (213.5 - age) x 65% = lower limit

          (213.5 - age) x 85% = upper limit

THR ZONE                       AQUATICS                                 THE CHART

                                    Heart Rate Check

                                    (10 seconds count - begin at 0)

Age                                Lower Limit (70%)                           Upper Limit (85%)

 20's                                          23                                                 27

 30"s                                         21                                                 26

 40's                                          20                                                 25

 50's                                          19                                                 23

 60's                                          18                                                 22

 70's                                          17                                                 20

Class Description:   We will all begin with a 10 minute warm up together in the pool.  

  •  shallow end water walking  - 15 minutes
  • Deep water Aqua jog Interval Training (option to be tethered to Bouyline or aqua jog without floatation 15 minute (split group in half 30 minutes in total)
  • Aqua Latin similar to Zumba class 15 minutes
  • We will finish off with a fun partner cool down stretching the body.


Class format:

Aqua Walking - Instructions for water walking, an easy yet effective water exercise that can be done at any time in any relatively large body of water. Brisk water walking is more strenuous than it looks and can provide an excellent aerobic workout, burning 300 to 500 calories per hour.  Safe for people who are overweight and those who are recovering from injury athletes and more

Deep water running, also known as aqua jogging, is great cross training for runners and an excellent way to deal with and prevent injuries. If you're getting over an injury, water running can allow you to recover without losing fitness. And if you're not injured, water running is a great way to work on improving your running form and fitness without increasing the pounding on your joints from running on hard surfaces.

Aqua Walking and Jogging   


Aqua Zumba - Water aerobics is a very popular way to exercise for all.  Aqua Zumba incorporates latin dance and fitness moves makes it fun for anyone who wants to exercise in the water. Accompanied by fun, upbeat music, Aqua Zumba makes exercising seem like a pool party.

      Aqua Zumba        

Aquatic Research


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