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Healing yourself from an injury

Posted on November 15, 2018 at 8:25 AM

Taking your healing into your own hands is crucial to healing.   Focus here is meniscus.

When you learn to do this for yourself you can help heal, prevents injury so you keep active for a life time.  Many people who struggle with active living stop exercising because of pain physically and emotinally and do not return or take a very long time to come back to an active healthy lifestyle.  

I have had many injuries and many awesome coaches who taught me from a very young age to stay healthy & well I must find the right treatment and do it.  

I have many participants who want to stay active who took the time to work on their knee problem and with in 6 months to a year are now healed and more active than they were before withour surgery.

Some ideas for you:



https://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/library/adult_health/sma_meniscal_tear_exercises/" target="_blank">https://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/library/adult_health/sma_meniscal_tear_exercises/

Trust in yourself believe you can and than do.  Ask what's holding you back?  Let it go, get in charge, you CAN do this!.

My formula is once you have found the right exercises you need to do these faithfully.  Ensure the exercises are balanced, and easy otherwise you won't do.  Recommend 3 x 3 x a day.  You might start off with 4 exercises 10 reps given to you by your Physio.  Many will find this challenging and do for a short time than stop because it doesn't fit into their lbusy life and they start to feel less pain.  Than within a short time injury and pain return stopping everything from positive change.   

I recommend 3 rep - 3 times -  3 x a day Morning - noon and evening if you miss one you will have at least done 1 or two.  Continue until pain subsides, range of motion improves, strength returns than forever at least once a day because this will always have weakness.

My youngest daughter and one of my participants both were able to heal their meniscus tears without surgery  Both saw surgeons than took action to heal themselves doing the exercises prescribed.  They enjoy water and through this medium are healed today being active hiking, skiing, one is back playing volley ball.

Often when we are in pain it's easier to not do anything but rest.  Rest is healing and so in proper stretching, breathing techniques, visualization, massage, cold and heat treatments.

What is being taught out there today is WORK HARD for shorter time than REST.   Often with out enough rest to recover. 

Using an interval that is easy to start with lots of rest and than gradually working harder with less rest.   

Easy formula workouts easy day, medium and hard day work work how you feel each day.

Hope this helps in the journey to wellness and health.

Anne Parr PRO TRAINER.  Never give up.

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