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Struggleing with weight & body image

Posted on December 21, 2015 at 10:20 AM

I am addressing Fitness professionals dilema of weight gain and body image this can sometimes be a concern. 

Take what is happening to you as a learning experience to help first yourself than others who live with this all their lives or even for just a short time. Every lesson we learn can be used to help others on their journey to wellness and health. They will see you as real a person who also struggles to become and stay healthy. Remember health changes up and down depending on circumstances healthy today sick tomorrow i.e. flu, struck by a car, death of a family or close friend and some bad choices. I have trained some healthy happy people who got a virus that attached their immune system and changed their lives forever.


There are many instructors out there teaching and training who have similar problems as high up as International Trainers. When you can acknowledge there is a problem then and only then can you make the changes. There is a trainer in California who is one of the best internationally know dance choreographers who for over 10 years was bulimic and it wasn't until she felt like killing herself that we was able to admit she had a problem. I when to her workshop of this topic and listen to how she dealt with this and recognize she will always struggle but now she can move forward to change.


The hardest clients you will deal with will be those with anorexia and bulimia as is is embedded deep in their physic


I too had a similar problem when I was about 14. It drove me to become a National Lifeguard, Instructor & examiner for Red Cross & Royal Life Saving and training like an athlete. When you work hard you eat less. Plan your meals.

Maybe start a blog about your journey the hardships and the successes.


The second time was when I go married I was fit 85 lbs and within the first 3 months I gained 15 lbs I cried when I saw how much I was. Then realized I was not as active as I was before and my eating habits changed. Was eating & drinking far more then I needed.


Start a journal that incorporates what you eat and your exercise (include heart rates for intensity as every workout will be different) so you have something to measure. Remember your goal setting techniques. You didn't just put on weight in a day it too some time. There for it will take some time to see the changes and your goals being met. Feeling happy will start with your first workout use this to set your time for your next workout make it a certain time each day.  If you  miss do something else at a different time - dance, use visulization 25% of your workout.


We can put on 7 lbs over the holidays on an average. Students spend a lot of time studying to get good grades as I am sure you are too. Many snack as their study and sit and sit. You can design a class that helps the need of many students. You may start with just a few friends who are experiencing the same thing. Do it free until you have set up a program that you can follow. Set times to meet and talk about what your plans are. One of the #1 fitness gifts for Christmas is Fit Bits and other electrical devices on the market today. Using these is an instant indicator of how you are eating and your activity. Start a buddy fit group who meet at a certain place or variety of places at a set time.  Idea Boreal Adventure free from library her in Thunder Bay.

 Walking is still the best exercise we can do. How many steps are you taking each day? Can you do more tomorrow? With success there is always failure. This failure can become a positive. There is no simple fix.  Like anything that matters there will be struggles these struggles once addressed can be worked on to improve wellness and health.


I got some kind of a bug a few days ago where my ears are aching, chest congested, headache and fever. Until I feel well I really need to slow down. So listening to your body.


Drink water before you eat when you feel hungry then if after that you still fell hungry eat some fruit i.e. an apple not a whole plate full.

Feel free to comment add what you feel is relevant get the conversation going. Than move.

Merry Christmas to All.



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