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Not putting in the 7 pounds during the Holidays

Posted on August 26, 2015 at 6:30 AM

The average person puttings on 7 pounds during the holidays.  Goal not to do this this year!

When we do our best to follow our routines we had before Christmas by our eatting & exercise habits we would succeed. 


Christmas is a time where family comes together & or many gatherings with friends and food is in aboundance and our exercise routines may change for a few weeks.

Found this information of a website I am sharing so struggles with Christmas weight gain will stop.

First - there are choices we can make so this is easy and you can feel better .  Combinations of fats, proteins

1.  OJ - orange juice and other concentrated juices grapefruit, crandberry and others has excess sugar & looses a lot of the fibre we get from eating fruit!

2.  Margerine (transfats not good and is often artificia)l - butter is better in modification is a Saturated fat)

3. Wheat - whole wheat bread, pancakes, pies, pastas - high carbs is comfort foods - Eat in modification less is better & combine with proteins.

4. Process Soy products - are highly processed with little nutritional value.  Eat more whole foods.

5.Corn genetically modified GM Corn - often hidden in breads, cereals, yogurt and so many more.  - Read labels. Plan a full week of meal ahead of time what you want to eat than you can prepare so you are not going to get the products you don't need.

To learn more & better understand the reason why?

Will power is within you.  Be responsible! Be Happy!

Merry Christmas to All


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