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Recommendations on Physical Activity Nutriton & Mindset

Posted on May 25, 2015 at 11:50 AM

Recommendations on PhysicalActivity,Nutrition,andMindset

  • for Optimal Health For adults18-64 years old

Vision: canfitpro’s Recommendationson Physical Activity, Nutrition,and Mindset for Optimal Health

have been designed to assist healthy Canadians18-64 years of age in preventing non communicable

diseases through physical activity and good nutrition as well as cultivate a healthy,active, and fulfilling



1. Aerobic Activity: Accumulate 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per week,or an equivalent combination of moderate-and vigorous-intensity activity.

2. Muscle Strengthening: Participate in muscle-strengthening activities involving major muscle groups on 3 or more days per week.

3. Flexiblity: Enjoy flexibility activities 4 or more days per week.

4. Nutrition: Implement health-promoting nutrition and hydration focus in gon primarily fresh, whole foods, minimizing the consumption of highly processed, energy-dense foods and drinks to support a healthy body composition daily.

5. Mindset: Adopt strategies to attain a positive mindset daily.

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