Anne Parr PRO TRAINER  Fitness Instructor Specialist     


Anne Parr canfitpro PRO TRAINER Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist  2000 - present
canfitpro FIS 1998 - present - OFC certified Fitness Instructor 1982 - 1998
Recreation Leadership Diploma 1971 OFC 1982 - 1998 

Anne Marie Parr

415 B University Dr.

 Thunder Bay Ontario P7C 2C7



My Name is Anne Marie Parr canfitpro PRO TRAINER Fitness Instructor Specialist for the region of Thunder Bay for 20 years. I have been a Group Fitness Instructor for over 38 years and training all ages and abilities, Land / water (50 years) 20 – 25 hours per week, theory / practical exam at a variety of facilities and now online.  

My passion teaching & mentoring all candidates who take the canfitpro  FIS Certificaiton Course/Theory, Practical.  The successful completion begins the journey into a professional career in Fitness Wellness and Health. I ensure all successful candidates are confident in abilities, ready to get out into the fitness field as a professional teaching Fun, Safe, Effective & Efficient program designs meeting the needs of all participants. Each candidate shines with their personal uniqueness.

(What motivates you to do what you do when it seems everything is going wrong)

  • Success of all my candidates who move forward as professionals in the Fitness Industry is what motivates me. Meeting passionate candidates who's personal goals are to teach group fitness programs part time or full on some creating their own studios.  Seeing the instructors who have taken the course from me from 2000 still teaching with passion uniting all genres of fitness. It has been a struggle from the beginning. From the time I chose to become a National Lifeguard in the mid 60’s. Always being told you can’t for many reasons. I know from constant education, learning & re-learning with determination, practice, and patience everything is possible, can achieve the impossible. Bringing a community together for fitness wellness and health is a challenge. I did not recognize growing up that there are more people who don't exercise as I thought everyone was as active as me, my family & friends I grow-up with. 
  • Sticking to a dream, re-evaluating your dream when there are road blocks. Finding another way around the obstacle. Like the struggles we are faced with today we can always find someone to bring us forward to wellness and health. This takes time, hard work and not giving up.  When the going gets tough the Tough get going! 

Prior to teach group fitness & training I was a Red Cross & Royal  Life Saving Instructor & Examiner.  I earned Award of Merit from Royal Life Saving 2nd highest level of excellence then trained for the Distinction Award unsuccessfully.

Recreation Leadership Diploma 1971 than work for Browndale (a Treatment Centre for Children for Emotionally Challenged Children) as a child care worker then principal of the school program 3 years, worked with child care staff, hired Board of Education Teacher & professional staff. Designed individual programs to helped children who had difficulty in a regular school setting to move in a positive healthy active environment to their success. Aftercare worker, research assistant follow-up with the graduates of the program  1973 to 1982 

Recreation is my back ground, loving many different activities from swimming to golf, pole walking, skiing downhill and cross country, hunting small game, gardening and knitting, tayloring and much much more.  "Variety is the spice of life in all you do".  

Became a Group Fitness Instructor OFC (Ontario Fitness Council) 1982 to 1998.  Certified was one of a few who wrote 1st theory & practical exam 1986. 1998 joined canfitpro as a Fitness Instructor Specialist and PRO TRAINER 2000 teaching the canfitpro FIS 25 hour certifiction course/theory/practical exams - to present.

1982 Confederation College Fitness Centre to present Wellness Centre to 2020

1986  Lakehead University taking over all fitness programs & began Aqua Fit classes, practicals for Physical Education Department & Kinesiology 1st to 4th year students taught 4 semesters of the canfitpro FIS Course to students until 2002 .  The Kinesiology department did not want practicals to be part of this new program with all emphasis on theory & designing professional program.  Teach Master students importance of Aquatic Theory 2 hour presentation each spring.

Thunder Bay 55 + 1986 to present variety of Fitness Classes

1992 - 2003 - Fitness in the work place "Harbourview Fitness Programs" Ontario Government Building - offered many fitness programs with certified Fitness Instructors & OFFICE FIT BREAKS.

Bodymind Centre 2003 - to present  (some of my Fitness Programs from Ontario Government Building joined me)

NOSM - Ergonomic Yoga for Staff once a week Lunch time

Aquatics 2008 - to present Sir Winston Churchill & Volunteer Pool 

PARO 2013 - to present.   Join to learn more about how to run a successful business.  Brought me to build my website with the help of Bright Builders Utah, coached to learn the ecommerce.  Join PARO Circle - building a Fitness Professional Circle in transition looking for anyone interested in working together to support each other, utilizing grants & business community to grow with strength in numbers.  Board Member 2019 - to present 

MISSION:  Creating a BETTER YOU"                                                       VISION: Committed to Active Healthy Living for a Life Time!


To share my many years of training & experience with those inspiring to be the best group fitness instructor specialist with in their community. Bringing the professional side of fitness where fitness is seen as a hobby business not as profession in high demand. My goal to educate all interested in becoming a Fitness Instructor Specialist to shine with their uniqueness so all can be seen as professional. Continue Educating for all canfitpro Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist / PTS (and other genres) with the right tools can be valuable to facilities and communities by inspiring healthy active people, responsible for their own health and wellness. Bringing together the Region of Thunder Bay all fitness professionals to work, learn & share together. Looking at how our role is different from Southern Ontario. To motivate all who may be struggling with how to get started and continue for a life time. To communicate the importance of fitness, wellness and health through life. Big Goal to have a canfitpro conference in Thunder Bay in-compassing all of North Western Ontario by utilizing the expertise we have within the Region. Wawa to Fort Frances. Accomplished Sept 23rd 2017 Thunder Bay FITNESS SUMMITT all presenters from Thunder Bay fundraiser for Mental Health and PARO. New Goal for 2018 – become more recognized within our communities a professionals from the basic Instructor Fitness Specialist to the PRO’s (Kinesiologists, Physiotherapists, Yoga, dance, Martial Arts Instructors, personal trainers specialists and so many more) bringing us together to promote Fitness Wellness & Health Body Mind & Spirit.

Aquatic Instructor & up today workshops,  


Continuing education in the fitness field keep up dated in all yoga, Feldenkrais, master glider Instructor Certified, Licensed Gymstick Instructor & aqua Gymstick, sport conditioning, Resist-A-Ball Advanced CORE, BOSU, Basic Pilates, HiLo/Step, Non impact, Latin & various Choreography dance fitness, corrective posture and alignment, C.A.L.A. certification 1966  Group Fitness Management and more.

Moved Virtually online for my fitness programs, FIS Certification course/exam. continue ecommerce, Update website for fitness programs, fitness equipment & environmentally friendly products.

1971 Recreation Leadership Diploma, Confederation College,  grade 12 Diploma Port Arthur Collegiate

Relevant Experience

39 years Fitness Instructor Specialist teaching for a wide  variety of Facilities, City of Thunder Bay 55+, Lakehead University Fieldhouse FIT Yoga - Athletics, Campus Recreation Convener 2007, Kin Practicals 1988 when asked, Ladies Aquatics 3 x week LU Pool, 1986 - taught a variety of fitness programs for Athletic department.  My own class - Total Fitness Program for past 28 years, Fitness In the Work Place Ontario Government Building Harbourview Fitness Programs for 11 years continue program at the Bodymind Centre for workers in the down town core and seniors 2003 to date, Thunder Bay 55 + Functional Interval Training with 55 + since 1986, Training staff at a variety of facilities over the past 20 years.  Athletic Club Summer 2008, Spare Instructor.  Joint venture with Confederation College Fitness Centre & Can-Fit-Pro as a PRO Trainer teaching the basic Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification Course & exam. Teach land and water, special needs children to seniors, healing corrective posture and alignment.

Design manage & maintain a commerce website, internet marketing, customer relations, advertising promoting continuing education.


Other Experiences, Volunteer, 

Warm-up for the RUN for C.U.R.E., Aids Walk and many more.

Presenter at a variety of Conferences i.e. Light. Hope. Life the 2006 Regional Survivors? 

Conference - Canadian Cancer Society.  Many workplace fitness - office FIT Breaks O.R.G. Ontario works programs & conferences.

Teach fitness for school programs grades 2 up 12.

- 1973 - 1982 Child Care worker, School principal Browndale Treatment Centre & Private School, 3 years 

- 1977 - 1982 Worked on study with the graduates for emotionally challenge children. 

- 1967 - 1973, National Life Guard , RLS Examiner to Award of Merit 1969 - 1973, 

- Sears Store in various departments weekends after school 1966 - 1969 Best Job "Santa's helper"

- 1969 - 1971 in Recreation Leadership course Confederation College 2nd Graduating class - created with other students community schools bringing recreational activities to schools in the evening and weekends - many still active today.  Student work place at Lakehead Psychiatric hospital as a recreation leader providing programs to all patients. One month placement Vaughan Street Juvenile Treatment centre Winnipeg Manitoba, taught arts and crafts, games, designed programs for children in centre.

Costume director Elenor Drury 3 years. 

Recreation Leadership Diploma 1971

- Browndale Treatment Centre for emotionally challenged children 1973  (Child Care Worker, School Principle, After Care worker and Research Assistant.  - 1982

Teach all levels and abilities land and water 36 years 

LU Kin Practical's 1988 - 2005 and when asked. 

Prepared & Presented    -    6 week Aquatic Practicum 2001 - 02 Fall/ Winter Spring to 2nd to 4th year LU Kin Students

Introduction to Aquatic for Master Kinesiology student 2014 - to present

Ontario Fitness Council Certified Fitness Instructor

 1982  Thirty six years teaching and training Fitness Programs

continued education throughout - 1998 

Confederation College Recreation Leadership Diploma 1971, Child Care Worker, Private School Principle & Research Assistant Browndale Treatment Centre 1973 - to 1981. Many fitness courses and Certifications from 1967 on going.

Teaching Group Fitness 32 years land and water all ages and abilities. O.F.C. workshops 4 course each year from 1982 to Certification 1986 -1998. Certified Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist 1998 to date.

In1982 began teaching with Confederation College Fitness Centre, Thunder Bay Community Recreation, became canfitpro PRO Trainer Fitness Instructor Specialist 2000 joint venture Confederation College Fitness Centre and Can-Fit-Pro. Workplace fitness in Ontario Government Building 1994 – 2003 continue Ergonomic Yoga for workers at the Bodymind Centre , Lakehead University 1986 – ongoing - Athletics, Aquatics, Kinesiology Practical's, Campus Recreation Fitness Convener, Work with Swim team teaching yoga techniques once a week. New 1on1 with clients who train on their own I assess where they are look at goals, setting up program they can easily implement into their active lives.

Do FIT breaks for workplace & conferences for city, provincial and federal events. Many warm-ups for fundraiser events in our area from 1982 Dance for Heart (Fit For Heat) Aids Walk September, RUN for CURE in Oct. Shelter House Relay June and much more.

Internet marketing trained under Bright Builders, UTAH, Learned to set up business plan, design & maintain website, sell on ebay, promote, set up PayPal and much more. Have online website with ecommerce selling fitness equipment healthy products for better health and environment. Adlandpro Gold Affiliate, learning from many topnotch online marketers my favourates Marlon Sanders, Rich Schefren, Janet Legere to name a few online trainers gurus marketers,

Yoga Training 

August 2019 

August 2018 - Yoga for the Pelvic Floor (W/S)

August 2015 -

August 9 2014 - Charkra Dance

August 2010

   - It takes two to Yoga Partner Yoga  
August 2009

    - The Experiential Yoga Sutras
August 2008

     - Yoga and Osteoporosis
     - The Art of Adjusting Students
August 2007

- Charkra Health for Fitness Professionals
August 2006

      - Yin Yoga for a Uang World  
      - Yoga and Pilates Program
      - The Art of Back Bending
August 2003 - Yo-Chi Glow

Oct. 25 2003-  Fast Track Yoga 

           Teaching Training Intensive 14 hours 

- Frameworks Yoga Instructor Training  
August 2002 - Dynamic Yoga

July 28, 29, 30 2001

    - Ashtanga Power Yoga  - 10 hours

Yoga Instructor Training - Astanga,  

  Yoga & osteoporosis - Art of Adjusting 

 - Props & Bolster Pilates basic programs 

Aquatic Training

Trainer Anne Parr PRO TRAINER

Aquatic Workshops & or Certifications

2009 - Aug 22 

       -Aquatic Research Update Beyond the Basics 

 2009 - Aug 22 

            - Aqua Gymstick 

2005 Aug 20

             - Advanced Water Running 

June 1 2000 - Feb. 28  2004

2002 - June 

              -Pre-Fast Track 

2002 - June 

           - Water Running Specialty Course Certification 

2001- Aug 

            - Liquid Decathlon 

2001 - Deep 

           -Water Balance & Blend Aug 

2000 - Aug 18 

          - 20Aqua Arms  

2000 -  Aug 8

            - Aqua Rhythms 

2000 - Aqua 

           -Kick-Box Sept 

1998 - Feb 

          -ART of C.A.L.A - Bridging and Linking 

1998 - Mar. 8 

          - Shallow & Deep Water Aqua Extravaganza 

1998 - Mar. 8 

          -Deep &/or Shallow Water Bridging & Linking 

1998 - Aug 22 

          -Surfin' Seniors  

1997 - April 15 

         -Awesome Aqua Abs: Training the Body Core 

1997 - April 17  

     -Communication to Motivate Educate & Satisfy 

1997 - May 31   Recertification 

     -C.A.L.A. Certified Basic Aquafitness Leadership 1992 - Training and Certification

1994 - April 24 

          -Spring Meltdown

          - Aqua Fit  

My Aquatic experience & continuing education

- Red Cross Instructor & Royal Life Saving Instructor Examiner to Award of Merit Level 1967 - 1975, National Life Guard 1967 - 1975


Information about Aqua Therapy

Land Fitness Instructor Specialist

O.F.C. (Ontario Fitness Council Fitness Instructor 1982 - Certified 1988 - continuing education 8 workshops per year.  1998 canfitpro Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist - PRO TRAINER 2000 Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification Course/ Exam to present- Continuing Education Credits and numerous Certifications Toronto Conference every  year for more information go to .......

canfitpro Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist 1998 - PRO TRAINER FIS course/exam 2000 to present