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1 ON 1 Personal Training 

          Specific to your needs 

Choose "your session Choice(s)"  NEW option small group 5 or less 

1 ON 1 Personal Training choices

NEW Small group 5 or less.  Time depends on the group size and knowledge. 
PARQ Form, set goals, assess & determine specific training for group and for each individual.
Cost $50.00 PLUS HST per person 

1 on 1 Home or Office Initial Assessment
- 1 1/2 hour session - PARQ assessment - GOAL setting make a life time change 30 minutes
 1 hour session specific to your needs. 
Proper posture and alignment, specific exercises to meet your goals.
                                                                                                     Cost $100.00  plus HST

Getting you moving

2 - 1 hour session or 4 - 30 minute Sessions  

Fitness assessment to determine where you are now, help you move forward with specific training to improve cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, stretch & strengthen all major muscle groups for complete balance and much more designed for your needs.

Working with you so you get it and do it right all the time.


                                                                                                       One time $200.00 plus HST


 3 - 1 hour sessions or 6 - 30 minute sessions

  1. Goal setting. Physical assessment, corrective body posture alignment, technique and assist you in progressive training, learning proper target heart rates and how to monitor. How it effects results you personally desire.
  2. Setting a routine in action specific to your goal needs through activity. (You pick where you will train best.) - Set number of days per week you can commit to.
  3. follow-up progress with adjustments last session.


                                                                                                                  $300.00 plus HST

Full month - with evaluation

 4 - 1 hour session   or   8 – 30 minutes session.

Setting your goals & commitment.

Physical Assessment where you are now.

Learn posture alignment with structural integration exercises to improve how you move, (address weakness) increase energy, breathing techniques to use every day.

Will set a progressive training program you will continue on your own between sessions. Keep going!  My availability to you online as needed.  Online handouts for your convenience.        

Re-assess 1 month after completion to look at progress & set new goals.


                                                                                                  $400.00 plus HST