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Ergonomic yoga meets the needs of all participants.  Whether you come from a busy day at work or home this class will bring back energy, reduce stress, improve posture, alighment and much more.


Great option: Everyone welcome . 

Grab a Power Week Pass for $25 and enjoy unlimited classes ! Bodymind Centre   

As a Bodymind Centre member join this class Free. 

Days & Times: Tuesday & Thursday 12:05 - 12:50

Place: Bodymind Centre #8 :- 105 Villa St.    

Class runs all year long

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Ergonomic yoga is a 45 minute yoga class - works on specific corrective postures, breathe work to help refocus the body from any repetitive activity that requires change & tight muscles from stress.  Yoga postures are geared to your needs for healing.   Each class is different as your body needs will vary from day to day.   Some equipment used occasionally, enjoyment of laughter and proper alignment.  Head back to work or your daily activities feeling refreshed for a positive effective afternoon aware of new movements to use instinctively when required.  

Meeting your needs is the passion of this class (running late or have to leave early to get back to work.

Ergonomic Fitness Program is part of a unique experience for workers and anyone who has to deal with stress & or daily pain.

Learn valuable skills & techniques, loosen tight muscles, joints & tendon, release shoulder and neck pain.  Become balanced, stay injury free and highly productive throughout your day. 

New Rates for DROP-UP PASSES.

                       BEST OPTION $160.00 (25 Classes)  

                                                       $140.00 (20 Classes)

                                                       $ 85.00 (10 Classes)

                                                       $ 50.00 ( 5 Classes)  

                                                       $120.00 (Senior Rate)   

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I designed ERGoYoga myself in 1992 when I had Fitness in the Workplace at the Ontario Government Building “Harbourview Fitness Programs” Workers has many injuries from repetitive movement specific to their jobs 

- injuries include frozen shoulders, sciatic pain, neck, lower to upper back pain, carpal tunnel and so much more.

I designed the class using Hatha Yoga, structural integration, Ergonomic stretches, Feldenkrais and healing yoga.  

A fusion of all techniques by breaking down each pose-stretch with breath to accommodate all levels for safety with progression to heal.

My teaching comes from many resources, courses. books, manuals, experts in the field who I have learned from.  (Diana Milligan, Paull Chek, Peter Twist, Dr Ken Kinakin & more)

Having grown up with many injuries through playing climbing fences, trees, buildings & falling, gymnastics, skiing downhill, tobogganing, tubing, swimming, cycling and being short to mention a few.

Often found going to professional’s chiropractors, physio-therapist the injuries did not heal.  May have been fixed through adjustment but not healed.  I learned to do find the resources that work best for me - Books - Sports Message 1980 - looked at every sport and what where the repetitive moves where, what was effected & how to fix, balance and proper stretching "Stretch & Strengthen" by Judy Alter 1980 or earlier.

These played a key roll in healing. Doing specific balanced exercises 3x - 3x day for 3 - 6 months continue on regular basis most days at least once a day forever. 

Important stay active, listen to your body sounds and how you feel, incorporate stretching for areas of the body when you feel the need & use conscious breath